We look forward to welcoming Malthe Hvas, a MSc in biology from Aarhus University in Denmark. During his studies he has been working with acid-base physiology, nitrite toxicology and the effect of temperature on oxygen consumption in the striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus), a tropical facultative air-breathing fish of great socioeconomic importance in Vietnamese aquaculture.

Malthe Hvas2His primary task within SFI EXPOSED at The Institute of Marine Research will be to define peak water current thresholds that secure acceptable welfare in farmed Atlantic salmon. For this purpose a large swim tunnel system has been developed at The Institute of Marine Research, which for the first time gives the opportunity to asses swimming performance in groups of Atlantic salmon during various conditions such as different temperatures, hypoxia and stress.

Furthermore, he will also investigate swimming capabilities in commercial facilities and in experimental push cages. Malthe is looking forward to produce new and exciting knowledge about the physiology and behaviour of salmon in strong water currents.