Real-time acoustic fish telemetry

PhD-student: Waseem Hassan

Supervisors: Jo Arve Alfredsen, Martin Føre

Duration: Q4 2016 – Q4 2020

Real-time acoustic telemetry for fish behaviour monitoring in aquaculture.

I am working with two major ideas/projects in my PhD.

  1. Fish speed measurement based on Doppler shift in acoustic signal. Preliminary experiments for 1D speed extraction of a tag using Doppler shift has been carried out in a lab environment. Considering results of the preliminary experiments, further experiments are planned in open-sea for speed extraction in 1D and 3D to validate the lab results. As a final step, experiments with tagged fish in an aquaculture farm are also planned.
  2. Internet of Fish (IoF), a concept based on Internet of Things. IoF uses LPWANs to provide real-time support to the fish telemetry data. The IoF system has already been validated in an aquaculture farm. Currently, a manuscript presenting the IoF concept is under review. Furthermore, an experiment to test/verify real-time fish positioning based on IoF is also planned. If successful, results of the positioning experiment will be presented in a conference in 2019.

Results so far:

  • Validation of the IoF concept.
  • Acoustic tag speed measurement based on Doppler shift in 1D in a lab environment.

Status and further work:

  • Manuscript presenting IoF concept under review.
  • Real-time fish positioning using IoF, planned experiment in near-future in an aquaculture farm and a conference paper in 2019.
  • Further validation of the lab results for Doppler shift based speed measurement in open-sea and its extension to 3D speed extraction.