Motion and mooring forces from feed barges need more attention as aquaculture goes more exposed. To efficiently perform analyses of these forces from feed barges, an analysis tool for feed barges is made.  

The tool consists of a database for different feed barges with pre-calculated feed barges stored in a database for easy access and setup in the SIMA workbench. SIMA1 is a workbench for simulation and analysis of marine operations and floating systems. MULDIF is used to calculate motion and wave drift forces. MULDIF is a linear three-dimensional frequency domain potential theory code. Viscous damping in roll and pitch is estimated and used as input to the MULDIF calculations.  

In SIMA, the user specifies dimension and mass properties of the feed barge to be analysed, and the tool finds the closest pre-calculated set-up file from the database. The SIMA set-up files contains a user interface for setting environmental conditions and define parameters for the moorings system. When the analysis is conducted, it contains a pre-defined post processor to extract and visualise selected results from the analysis.  

Simulation figure

Illustration of the SIMA workbench showing a visualisation of the feed barge and plots of calculation results