Årsrapport 2015

Annual report 2015 (click to read)

The Annual report for 2015, the initial year of the centre, is currently available. The report describes the vision, organisation, plans as well as initial results from the centre.

Eight initial projects have been defined for 2015/2016 and onwards. In 2015, an initial project (P1) has documented the knowledge base and innovation opportunities. Other pro­jects have focused on developing methodology (P5), establishing research infrastructure (P8), carrying out preliminary studies (P4) and initi­ating PhD candidates (P6 and P7). Full project activity will commence in 2016.

To support cross-disciplinary innovation and good communication within the centre, the centre has arranged a two-day EXPOSED Days during spring and a one-day EXPOSED Day dur­ing autumn. Such events will be arranged yearly, in addition to PhD/post-doc workshops and more targeted project related meetings. The EXPOSED Days will serve as a meeting place for innovation, presentation of results, and ex­change of ideas as well as creating new pro­jects.

There has been a significant industrial, as well as political interest in EXPOSED and its objec­tives in 2015. This interest is driven by a com­bination of:

  • An ambition to increase salmon produc­tion, given that key environmental chal­lenges are addressed
  • Increasing salmon prices
  • Low oil prices and suppliers to the oil & gas sector looking for other industries
  • Industrial and political will to adapt compe­tence and capacity from other industries in to seafood
  • A new opportunity for farmers to apply for development concessions regime that drives innovation towards technological concepts for more exposed farming.

Also internationally, the topic of exposed farming raises significant interest. The re­search areas of the centre have been pre­sented in various national and international forums to support future collaboration with other stakeholders.

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