To develop tools and platforms for the robust, autonomous, and remote performance of everyday and periodic work and operations with the aim of reducing the need for direct human intervention in the production process.

Research tasks

Remote-controlled inspection and repair systems: Key fields of research in this field include: 1) GNC systems, the use of machine vision in navigation, dynamic path planning, operations in the wave zone, and sensor fusion methods; 2) concepts and development for sensor systems and intervention tools for operations linked to inspection, maintenance and repair, such as inspections of nets and mooring integrity and the cleaning and repair of nets, and 3) underwater docking stations and the launch and retrieval of submarine vehicles under high wave conditions.

Fish handling tools: Robust tools that can be used to interact with fish inside cages to enable crowding and transfer to fish carriers without requiring direct human intervention or a need to moor the vessel directly to the net pen installation. Research tasks in this field include concept studies for a remote-controlled crowding system integrated as part of the net pen, and processing systems that ensure efficient and safe crowding.

Integrated tools in net pens to facilitate frequent operations: 
The monitoring of fish welfare, feeding, and the removal of dead fish are everyday activities on fish farms. Other operations, such as washing nets, must also be carried out at frequent intervals. In order to carry out these tasks without direct human intervention, it is necessary to use tools that are integrated in the net pen structures. Research projects addressing these issues include concept studies for such tools, manipulators, sensors and control systems.

Industrial relevance

Systems for increased autonomy will reduce the need for personnel to be present to perform manual operations, and will enable greater regularity and safety linked to operations carried out in more exposed locations.

Research Manager: Esten Ingar Grøtli (SINTEF Digital)