The R&D work aims to develop improved strategies and systems for risk management in fish farming that integrate technical, human and organizational factors. The results will provide a systematic basis for developing solutions for monitoring and follow-up of safety and risk level during operations.

With this, fish welfare, external environment and food safety will be taken care of as well as tangble values are secured and more jobs that protects the employees’ health and safety will be established.

Research tasks

Barrier management: To reduce the risk of accidents and other undesirable incidents in exposed aquaculture operations, it is necessary to develop barrier functions and systems to prevent, control or mitigate the hazards associated with the activities. Security barriers can be organisational, physical / technical, or human / operational. The development of effective barrier functions will be based on industry best practices with comparable exposure levels and / or structures, as well as analysis of previous accidents. EXPOSED will develop barrier management systems that use and transform data from AREA 2 so that they can be used to monitor barrier performance.

Increased automation, remote control and autonomous systems are examples of technological solutions that can help control the overall risk level in aquaculture operations. The development of such technology must take into account how the operator’s work situation and decision-making are affected by automation.

Risk management in manual operations: There are still some operational tasks that depend on manual labour at the fish farm. Based on regulatory requirements for risk assessments and safety management, the project will contribute knowledge for improved HSE requirements and safe work practices. This is to be done in collaboration with the regulators, and it is also relevant to gain experience from fishing, offshore oil and other marine industries.

Industrial relevance

Methods, procedures, guidelines and operational practices that are being developed will contribute to safer operation of exposed and conventional farms.

Research Manager: Ingunn M. Holmen (SINTEF Ocean)