Project Manager: Hans Bjelland, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: NTNU IMT
Duration: Q1 2017 – Q4 2017

The pace of innovation is currently very high in the aquaculture industry. The potential for development licenses, low oil prices, high salmon prices, and a huge demand for production increase have led to many development projects, with a potential for significant investments in the years to come. In addition to the larger structures and concepts supported by the development licenses, a range of other technologies are under development, such as treatment units and closed and semi-closed systems.
There is, therefore, a large uncertainty in which technological concepts that will be accepted, financed, and ultimately succeed in operation, and how the future aquaculture industry will be. There is a need to ensure that the activities of EXPOSED are adapted to the future concepts and industry structure.

This project has explored the use of scenario methods to assess possible future scenarios for the technological concepts and structure of the aquaculture industry. The centre will evaluate how these methods can be applied for future use.