Project Manager: Jan Tore Fagertun, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: Cermaq, MOWI, SalMar, AQS
Duration: until end of CRI Exposed

Industry scale field tests are important basis for development of new knowledge and technology. Measured data will be used for development of solutions and methods for operations on exposed location through for instance validation of numerical models. Cost effective implementation and documentation of field tests will need a reliable and flexible e-infrastructure. Exposed structures operated by Cermaq, MOWI and SalMar will be used for field tests. Responses on feed barges, work boats (Janker and Herkules) at the sites and the vessel Loke from AQS are all parts of the data basis.

Several of the research areas in Exposed, PhD students, post doc scholars and MSc students need long term reference data sets for, based on solutions for e-infrastructure on existing exposed sites. The data sets will also be used in education of students in Marine Technology at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Future locations:

All 3 fish farm operators in Exposed is assessing “next generation” locations, and detailed data sets of wind, waves, current and water quality are necessary to develop design criteria for equipment and methods of operations. Long time series are necessary for quality assurance of extreme value estimation, hence reduce uncertainty in criteria for design.

Operation limits:

What are the operational limits for safe operations on existing sites with regard to movement (acceleration, roll/ pitch/ heave/ yaw) on installations and vessels?

Measured data:


  • Waves: height, period, direction, spread/ spectrum
  • Current: velocity, direction, variation per depth
  • Wind: velocity, direction, gust
  • Water: dissolved oxygen, salinity and temperature
  • Air: pressure, humidity, temperature

Boats/ vessel:

  • Position, accelerations, speed and movement

Feed barges:

  • Accelerations and movements

Combined time series where environmental conditions, structures/ vessels responses and water quality are measured may be used for tasks where fish welfare and health on exposed sites are investigated.



Measurements from Munkskjæra December 2016



Buoy data

Aggregated and recent graphs of the environmental conditions at the sites are published here.