Project Manager: David Kristiansen, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: SINTEF Ocean, NTNU IMT, AQS, LEROW, Kongsberg SEATEX, SalMar and DNV GL
Duration: Q1 2016 – Q4 2018

This project addresses the development of knowledge and methodologies used in the design and analysis of reliable aquaculture constructions for use in exposed localities.

Fish farming in exposed locations requires robust and reliable constructions to support sustainable, safe and efficient production. This project uses current, conventional fish farm facilities as its starting point and examines the challenges linked to the adaptation of net pens, mooring systems and feed barges for use in more exposed settings.

The study is looking into the various phases of today’s design processes and methods, focusing on an assessment of uncertainties and how these propagate through the design process. This includes a review of the methods used to describe environmental conditions at given localities, design condition estimates, methods for the calculation of loads and main component response, and a coupled analysis approach for the entire net pen facility.

The project aims to develop new knowledge on critical problems linked to greater exposure and to devise methods for the design, simulation and analysis of fish farm facilities in exposed localities. The aim is to contribute to the development of safe fish farm and other aquaculture facilities for operation in exposed areas.


  • A review of methods for describing environmental conditions in coastal areas, including an analysis of wave exposure using stroke length analysis, buoy data analysis, etc. Directional dependency is key.
  • Focus on wave and current measurements, and uncertainty linked to the estimation of design conditions based on extreme value statistics.
  • Simulation of current data from Trøndelag (acquired during the period 2012 to 2016) using SINMOD software to produce long-term statistics.
  • Development of an integrated computational model for the real-time simulation of net pen facilities.
  • Mooring analysis of an entire net pen facility exposed to currents and variable sea conditions.

Innovation potential:

  • Improved method for describing environmental parameters during the design of aquaculture constructions.

Affiliated projects: