Project Manager: Eivind Lona, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: Anteo, MOWI, NTNU IMT and SINTEF Ocean
Duration: Q1 2019 – Q4 2019

This project will demonstrate the use of historical data, real-time information, prognoses, knowledge of operational limits, and identified hazards as part of an interface used as an approach to operational planning and risk management of aquaculture operations carried out or assisted by service vessels.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate how semi-automated data acquisition can be used in predictive models or analytical tools to construct an integrated operational planning tool.

A better understanding of operational limiting values is key to enabling the development of analytical tools. The project intends to develop improved methods for the acquisition of qualitative data from aquaculture operations.

To a great extent, the project will be based on existing and available acquired data, but will also identify new measurement parameters that can contribute towards improving planning tools.

It will be possible to apply acquired operational data, combined with defined limiting values, objective operational indicators and recognised hazards, as a basis for future operability studies and decision support linked to a variety of vessel operations carried out at exposed localities.

The results from this project will be demonstrated in a user interface based on Anteo’s existing software platform.

The project will build on results from several research fields linked to the CRI EXPOSED project.

Innovation potential:

  • To demonstrate the use of semi-automated data acquisition in operational planning and decision support.

Affiliated projects:

  • “Safety and risk management in exposed aquaculture operations”. Ph.D. student Ingunn M. Holmen, NTNU IMT.
  • “Methods and models for evaluating vessels and vessel operations in exposed aquaculture”. Ph.D. student Hans Tobias Slette, NTNU IMT.