Project Manager: Stefan Vilsen, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: SINTEF Ocean, Kongsberg Maritime, Kongsberg Seatex, Aqualine and MOWI
Duration: Q1 2019 – Q4 2019

The aim of this project is to develop technology and methods for the condition status estimation of aquaculture installations as a tool in operational planning, analysis and the monitoring of fish welfare and constructional integrity, and for maintenance scheduling.

The project aims to develop technology and approaches for the real-time estimation of the condition status of aquaculture installations during operation. The objective is to enable the prevention and notification of damage to the installations and thus mitigate the risk of cage crowding and fish escapes.

The concept behind condition status estimation is to make better use of measured data by connecting sensors with simulation tools. Developments in the aquaculture sector raise particular challenges linked to the placement of sensors, the interface between physical measurements and the modelling of flexible constructions, and fish welfare considerations.

The project will include the construction of a demonstrator/prototype of the system, which will form the basis of the future development of robust condition status estimation systems.

The aim of the demonstrator will be to apply familiar sensor technology and simulation tools. The main challenges/tasks linked to the project are the connection, analysis and validation of the system, combined with the identification of instrumentation function requirements, what and how many sensors are required, and where they should optimally be placed.

Innovation potential:

  • The establishment of a real-time interface between physical measurements and simulation models will provide a better understanding of an installation’s response and will enable applications linked to the validation of simulation models and model experiments.

Affiliated projects: