Project Manager: Jan Tore Fagertun, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: Salmar Farming, Mowi, Cermaq Norway, Aqualine, AQS, Kongsberg Maritime, Lerow and MacGregor Norway (all tentative)
Duration: Q1 2019 – Q4 2019

How do we identify the optimal concept for a given exposed location? The aim of P11 is to develop a method that can assist decision-makers in making rational and more optimal concept selection decisions for their respective locations.

Holistic design is a demanding task. Many considerations must be weighed against each other, and it is a challenging business sorting out which of these considerations should be assigned the greatest weight.

P11 intends to use case studies of existing technologies, and technologies developed as part of development licences, to identify benefits and improvement potential among the concepts available.

Factors that will be highlighted include HSE considerations for personnel, contingency strategies, technology for adapting factors that influence fish health and welfare, handling, logistics, local on-site conditions, structural capacities and economics. This is just a selection of criteria that can be used as a decision support platform.

The project will develop a method that can help decision-makers to make rational concept selections. Experience from other sectors will be applied.

Moreover, a proposal will be put forward addressing how the results can be incorporated into the project development plan for future systems deployed at exposed locations.

The protection of intellectual property will also be highlighted as part of the project.

In the long-term, the aim is that future systems will be sustainable and specifically adapted to given localities. However, in the short-term, the objective is to provide decision-makers with a tool that can be used for the planning of future systems.

Innovation potential:

  • A decision support tool for concept development and system selection

Affiliated projects:

  • Other projects in the EXPOSED family