Project Manager: Hans Bjelland, SINTEF Ocean
Partners: All
Duration: Q2 2015 – Q2 2016

This project looked into the opportunities surrounding aquaculture operations in exposed areas, and investigated operational factors linked to automation, HSE, vessel design, construction and biological perspectives.  The results are intended to provide a platform for further research and collaboration within the CRI EXPOSED project.

The project “Future concepts” has investigated the feasibility of aquaculture operations in exposed areas, and future concepts linked to such activities. Another of the project’s aims was that each partner should provide feedback to the plans prepared by the centre, and discuss each of the partner’s ambitions, wishes and input. The project worked with two main products, comprising an internal report on future concepts and a patent landscape analysis.

All research fields have contributed to the internal report “Future Concepts”, which documents the centre’s state-of-the-art-knowledge and discusses the innovation potential inherent in salmon farming operations in exposed areas. The exposure levels of current aquaculture facilities have been studied. For each research field, potential technologies and strategies for fish farming in exposed areas have been assessed.

The patent landscape analysis was prepared as part of a collaborative effort between the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret) and the Research Council of Norway. The analysis considered existing patent data in the fields of marine aquaculture and fish farming.


  • Report on future concepts
  • Patent landscape analysis

Innovation potential:

  • Support for patent applications