EXPOSED forener globalt ledende oppdrettere, sentrale service- og teknologileverandører, vertsinstituttet SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk og andre fremtredende forskningspartnere, inkludert AMOS, senteret for fremragende forskning.

Industry partners

MowiRole: End user of technology and solutions
World’s largest salmon and trout fish farmer. Runs large operations in Norway, Scotland, Canada and Chile.

CermaqRole: End user of technology and solutions
World’s third larges salmon and trout fish farmer with operations in harsh environments especially in the northern part of Norway
SalMarRole: End user of technology and solutions
World’s fourth largest salmon and trout fish farmer. Operates large fish farms in particular at exposed locations in mid Norway.
Kongsberg Seatex
Kongsberg SeatexRole: Technology/solution provider
Supplier of technology and systems to maritime and offshore sector. Provides knowledge and systems for communication, control, navigation, AUV etc.
Marin Design
Marin DesignRole: Technology/solution provider
Provides vessel design and maritime consulting.

AqualineRole: Technology/solution provider
Major international supplier of equipment and complete fish farms.

Møre Maritime
Møre MaritimeRole: Technology/solution provider
Provides maritime consulting, engineering and 3D modelling.

AnteoRole: Technology/solution provider
Operates and develops technical solutions and decision support systems for fish farming companies.
Argus Remote Systems
Argus Remote SystemsRole: Technology/solution provider
Performs research, development and manufacturer of electrical ROV’s.
LerowRole: Service provider
Servie provider for inspection and cleaning of net cages and moorings by advanced use of ROV.

AQSRole: Service provider
Service provider for inspection, maintenance and a range of operations, including delousing.

DNV GLRole: Certification, classification and advisory
DNV GL’s purpose is safeguarding life, property and the environment and enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business.
MacGregor Norway
MacGregor NorwayRole: Certification, classification and advisory
A maritime leading provider of solutions and services for handling systems to the offshore, fishery, research and mooring segments.
SafetecRole: Technology/solution provider
An innovative partner within safety management. Creates value within the framework of safety.

Research partners

Multidisciplinary research organisation which contributes to solutions along the whole fisheries and aquaculture value chain as well as research and development for marine technology.
SINTEF Digital
SINTEF Digital
Provides research-based expertise, service and products ranging from robotics, microtechnolgy, communication and sofware technology, computational software, information systems and security and safety.
NTNU IMTDept. of Marine Technology
Carries out research within the field of marine techology and is the largest in its field in the western world.

NTNU IDIDept of Computer and Information Science
Conducts research in fields of computer and information science, covering hardware related research, intelligent systems and social implications of information systems.
NTNU ITKDepartment of Engineering Cybernetics
Conducts research on various fields associated with control theory, including mathematical modelling and simulation, autonomy, optimisation and automatic control.

Institute of Marine Research
Institute of Marine Research
Norway’s larges centre of marine science. The main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on aquaculture and the ecosystems.