Bjørn Magnus Mathisen will be our first PhD scholar

EXPOSED is happy to announce that Bjørn Magnus Mathisen will be our first PhD scholar! He is 32 years old, lives in Trondheim and has working experience from Telenor, NTNU and SINTEF ICT. We are looking forward to the contributions Mathisen will bring to the centre! Bjørn Magnus Mathisen will contribute to the state of the art of monitoring and operational decision support of exposed aquaculture operations (Area 2). The project will start by doing a rigorous and systematic literature review of current and previous research done in data processing and analysis for decision support systems in the domain. The methods uncovered in the review will be benchmarked using data gathered from partners with live operations to make it as realistic as possible without a live test. This process will single out the most promising methods for data processing for decision support systems for exposed aquaculture. This two step process [...]

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Enthusiastic design students

Third year students from the Department for Product Design are working with SFI Exposed on "Future Concepts" and where on a field trip to learn more about the Aquaculture industry. The student where at the Costal Museum (Hitra), and visited a fish-farm, a feeding barge and got to interview a fish-farmers on his daily routines and challenges.

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EXOPOSED during Aqua Nor 2015

AquaNor 18th - 21st August 2015 in Trondheim is an important arena for the EXPOSED consortium. The administration of the center will be available at the stand of SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture SINTEF MARINTEK, NTNU and ACE (Stand D-322). Many of our partners also have their own stand: • SalMar (G-701) • Kongsberg Maritime (E-428) • Aqualine (D-354, Skansen) • More Maritime and Marine Design (E-404) • Anteo (F-538) • Argus Remote Systems (G-736) • AQS (A1-051) • IMR (D-329) There will be several activities during Aqua Nor: • Professional workshop for invited international partners (Tuesday) with visits to Frøya (Wednesday) and various research laboratories (Thursday). • Aqualine and MARINTEK organizes demonstration of Aqua Lines products in the ocean bassin on Tyholt on Thursday. • On Thursday, 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. SINTEF holds the seminar "Future Prospects in Aquaculture Technology - closed and exposed" where global challenges and aspirations are presented [...]

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Firste meeting for international partners, Trondheim 18-20 August 2015

Representatives from five of the seven international partners in Exposed met in Trondheim during the tradeshow AquaNor. Three days was used to get to know each other and to get to know Exposed. The meeting started Tuesday with a workshop at the offices of SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA) at SeaLab, where the international partners met with the leaders of the six different research areas in Exposed. Planned research in Exposed was presented by Exposed director Hans V. Bjelland and each of the research leaders. After lunch the international partners presented their institutions, highlighting their possible contribution to Exposed. Discussions were made on how to match the partners with the research projects soon to be launched by Exposed. The second day, Wednesday, was used for an excursion to the island of Frøya where the production facilities of Aqauline AS and the research facility of ACE Aquaculture Technology at Rataren was [...]

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