Methods and models for marine system design of vessels and vessel operations in exposed aquaculture

PhD-Candidate: Hans Tobias Slette


Professor Bjørn Egil Asbjørnslett (NTNU)
Professor Stein Ove Erikstad (NTNU)
Professor Pål Lader (NTNU)
Professor Kjetil Fagerholt

Duration: Q3 2018 – Q3 2021

Design of vessels, equipment and logistical solutions must be improved to the extent that operations at exposed locations may be performed without aggravating safety and efficiency.

The mission of research area 4 is divided into four bullet points. Increased knowledge in each of these contributes to the development of more robust vessels and optimized logistics. In turn, this leads to increased operability and production at exposed facilities without compromising safety.

Point 1: Study and develop new designs for all three vessel types, yielding acceptable seaworthiness, structure interaction and equipment for operations at exposed locations.

Point 2: Analyze the behavior of floating objects and the relative motion between vessel and structure using simulation models and analytical software.

Point 3: Develop a simulation model for exposed aquaculture enabling analysis of critical operations. Then, the goodness of fit for a vessel design can be evaluated with respect to its intended role in the system.

Point 4: New logistical solutions accounting for changes in vessel designs and fleet operations. Important aspects include onshore and offshore storage and the logistics of personnel and equipment.

I will connect these points in a simulation model representing a complete aquaculture system. This allows for evaluation of the complete system performance and how it’s affected by changes in operations and system composition.

Preliminary results

  • Article MTEC
  • Co-supervisor Master Thesis
  • Contribution to seminars and conferences
  • Excursion to site and large servie boat for better understanding of aquaculture
  • Participated in P13 and P17

Status and further work

  • Paper on emergency preparedness in aquaculture – evaluating fleet performance through simulation
  • Co-supervisor Master thesis – both focusing og logistics and operational planning