Technological Solutions for Real-Time Observation of Physiological and Behavioural Dynamics in Farmed Fish

PhD-candidate: Eirik Svendsen


Associate Professor Jo Arve Alfredsen
Associate Professor Martin Føre
Professor Rolf Erik Olsen

Duration: Q3 2018 – Q3 2022

SalmonInsight is a four-year research project funded by the Research Council of Norway, and includes SINTEF Ocean, NINA, NTNU dept. of Engineering Cybernetics and  the Institute for Biology at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The project’s main purpose is to develop new knowledge about how physiology and stress in farmed salmon manifest themselves in observable behavioural expressions.

SalmonInsight is motivated by the Precision Fish Farming (PFF) concept (Føre et al., 2017). The intention of this concept is to facilitate increased use of technology in salmon farming. It is expected that this will contribute to improved production control, fish welfare and reduced mortality.

SalmonInsight focusses on production of atlantic salmon and will, for industrial production of this species, anwer this challenge by investigating new technologies for observation of behavioural expressions, and correlate the results with salmon physiology and stress levels, and from that derive an evaluation of welfare.

Through testing and evaluation of candidate technologies in laboratory scale on living salmon, the most promising solutions for use in full scale will be selected. The technologies expected to have the greatest potential for application in full scale production will thereafter be tested in an operational environment.

Collected data will be analyzed and seen in context with traditional measurements for stress in salmon.

Results so far:

  • The PhD Project in SalmonInsight has been ongoing since August 2018. Until now, the work has focussed on completion of selected subjects with exams and litterature search.

Status and further work:

  • The work started in August 2018, and lasts until the end of July 2022
  • In the coming year, focus will be on completion of selected subjects and planning of laboratory scale experiments where candidate technologies will be tested.
  • Technologies considered to have potential to contribute with useful data in full-scale production will be tested in sea cages towards the end of the project.