EXPOSED is happy to announce that Bjørn Magnus Mathisen will be our first PhD scholar! He is 32 years old, lives in Trondheim and has working experience from Telenor, NTNU and SINTEF ICT. We are looking forward to the contributions Mathisen will bring to the centre!

Bjørn Magnus Mathisen will contribute to the state of the art of monitoring and operational decision support of exposed aquaculture operations (Area 2). The project will start by doing a rigorous and systematic literature review of current and previous research done in data processing and analysis for decision support systems in the domain. The methods uncovered in the review will be benchmarked using data gathered from partners with live operations to make it as realistic as possible without a live test. This process will single out the most promising methods for data processing for decision support systems for exposed aquaculture. This two step process of rigorous literature review and benchmarking will also be applied to the next level of abstraction in a decision support system; taking the processed and analyzed data and building or augmenting a high-level model for the domain.  Finally, if the methods identified in the previous steps are applicable, they will be developed further to fit the domain. If no methods are found to be suitable, new methods will be developed for the task. The new methods will be tested and validated using live data, as well as benchmarked along with other comparable methods.