Approaching its midway milestone, the EXPOSED Centre is increasing its focus on turning knowledge into innovations.

Some of the main research achievements of the EXPOSED centre to this date are:

  • Environmental descriptions of coastal sites, to improve precision and relevance of the basis for design and operations planning.
  • Salmon and cleaner fish swimming capacity, which is important to assess new locations and new farming technology.
  • Navigation/localization of ROV/AUVs, relative to nets and flexible structures enables more precise and autonomous operations.
  • Machine vision‐based hole detection and integrity control used to improve inspection operations.
  • Modelling of aquaculture systems, including vessel‐structure interaction, as a future tool to study the systems, inform design and monitor conditions.
  • Methods to analyse and predict operational limits, supporting technology development in design decisions and operational planning. Working environment and competence requirements to improve procedures and inform design and technology development.

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